Designed to fit conveniently with your lifestyle, the SmileStyler® treatment process is easy to understand and maintain so you can reach your goal of achieving a perfect smile.

The treatment process incorporates the following stages:


  • Visit a SmileStyler provider to see if SmileStyler treatment is suitable for you.
  • Your dentist or orthodontist will discuss your needs and explain how to obtain SmileStyler.


  • Your dentist or orthodontist will use a 3D intra-oral scanner to create 3D digital images of your teeth, which will be used to design your perfect smile.
  • SmileStyler is 100% digital, so no need to worry about uncomfortable and bad tasting physical impressions.


  • SmileStyler will create an orthodontic treatment plan just for you.
  • This will entail the exact movements of your teeth and the duration of your treatment.


  • Once you and your dental practitioner approves your treatment plan, SmileStyler will manufacture your custom-made invisible aligners and deliver your first phase of aligners to your doctor faster than any other aligner manufacturer.

Wear your aligners

  • Each set of aligners worn for the prescribed amount of time will gently shift your teeth into place.
  • SmileStyler’s Active aligners are typically worn for 2 weeks at a time or as prescribed and Express aligners can be worn for 1 week at a time or as prescribed. Express aligners can reduce your treatment time by up to 50%
  • Because SmileStyler ships in phases or 6 Stages at a time, your doctor will perform a check-up and scan your teeth every six or 12 weeks, depending on whether you purchased an Active or Express treatment
  • The next phase of your aligners will be manufactured based on your check-up and new scan. This ensures that every aligner fits just like the first one, avoiding unforeseen costs and delays in your treatment.


  • After completing all your phases, you’re ready to show off your perfect smile.
  • Talk to your doctor about how to maintain your perfect smile using SmileStyler’s free set of retainers.

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Your Dentist or Orthodontist will advise you whether SmileStyler is suitable for you.